Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wall Art

The heart artwork is 23 inches high by 17 inches wide.  The heart was made using 18 gauge sheet metal so I could bend it by hand.  The star artwork is 21 inches wide by 16 inches high.  The star,  round spheres, and  forged items were purchased from Kings Architectural Metals.

Air Duct Grille

I decided to customize a couple of air duct grilles in my house.  To provide the support for the artwork, I welded a steel frame using 1/8” thick by 3” wide steel plates.  The steel frame would be attached to the wood framing behind the air duct  sheet metal.

Tonka Truck

I use one of my Tonka Trucks that I had when I was growing up.  I left the Tonka Truck in its original state and added the rider in the back.  The truck is attached to the vertical support by a small steel frame which I attached to the bottom of the Tonka Truck.  The kinetic sculpture is 55 inches high.

House Number

The house number is 35 inches long.  The aluminum numbers are ½” thick and 5” high.  I order the aluminum letters with weld tabs.  Welding the number to the 18 gauge sheet metal made it difficult to paint.  Because of the lack of paint behind the aluminum numbers, there will eventually be rust stains below the numbers.  The next time I will try to attach the numbers by drilling and tapping.  The house number is supported at both the head and at the end of the 18 gauge pendant.