Friday, September 14, 2012

Vent Register

I removed the original vent register and installed the custom one.  It slides into the sheet metal ductwork.  

Test fitting the customer vent register before painting.

Welding the rocket to the vent casing.
The head and eyes are half sphere.  After the eyes are welded to the head, the welds are ground smooth with the head.


The top portion is a decorative hand forged steel post top from King Architectural Metal.  I just extend the post, added the eyes, nose and feet.  The high gloss paint is One Shot Paint.

For the eyes, I like to recess the steel ball bearings into a partially drilled hole.  The recess allows the ball bearings to be brazed giving a clean look.

 The nose is 18 gauge metal bent around a steel rod.  The hide the welds, I randomly weld the entire nose.  I then grind the entire surface leaving part the welds showing.
The feet consist of half spheres brazed to a ¼” steel plate.  The brazing allows for well defined line for painting.